How nude is nude

When taking nude images as a model, you should consider what your personal limits are and communicate them beforehand. That is, how much of your private parts can be seen and what kind of photos you are comfortable with. It is critical that both the model and photographer agree on what they are going to do, so that the model doesn't feel pressured to take photos that she regrets later. 

I have tried to make this nude/model photography content to facilitate communication between model and photographer.

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What will the images be used for?

Initially they will end on a website (likely right here). If the images become good I might offer to sell prints, or at some point make an exhibition or even a book, but I make pictures because I like to and that's about it.

What about payment and model release/agreement?

It depends on the kind of agreement we make:
I always work with a model contract.
This states I will always retain all usage rights for the images which is necessary for me to sell prints (selling is commercial) and making exhibitions and marketing materials around this. Therefore I use a standard 'all rights' contract which essentially means I have full rights over the images and can do with them what I want. If I can sell the images - good for me if not - too bad for me. Other than the initial agreement (TFP and/or modeling fee) you will not recieve any reimbursement later. If you want to pose specific limitations in how the images can be used we can usually work something out, but I need to know very early in the process if this is the case. There is a lot of time and preparation going on in coordination a session, time involved while shooting and a LOT of time selecting and retouching images afterwards. I need to know before committing to a session in order not to waste a lot of time. I'm sure you will appreciate this if you consider it carefully.

If we make a TFP/TFCD agreement how many images will I receive?

It depends how many good images there are from the session. I like to finish images off to a very high standard. This means that I routinely spend between 1-4 hours retouching every single image. Normally from a 4-6 hour shoot I will deliver between 3-5 images from a TFP session to the model. Normally my models first comment when they see the images is a derivative of WOW. I strongly believe in quality over quantity, that is I prefer to make one very good image from a session available rather then 10 mediocre and not properly retouched images. And for TFP/TFCD jobs I don't mind making physical prints of some of the images either. While I will strive to edit images fairly soon and perhaps make a webgallery so the model can have a look at the images from the session, it will likely be a matter of several weeks before I'm able to supply finished retouched images depending on workload.

What if I have limitations to the kind of pictures I want to make?

Most models have certain things they are not comfortable participating in, or certain kind of pictures they are not interesting in publicising. I never try to make models do pictures they are not interested in doing, and I always respect personal limits. I do prefer to know these in advance as I often have a very good idea on what I want to achieve in a certain session. Knowing personal borders in advance often makes the difference between a good session where we both are comfortable with what we do and one where you as a model feel I try to make you do something you don't want to do.

A model that constantly says NO when asked to pose in a certain way is not a dream scenario for a photographer, and a photographer that constantly try and push limits can be annoying for a model, both are mood killers. Limits are fine, but let's get them out in the open in advance so we can enjoy the session and make pictures we both like.


Nude Art or Artistic Nudes / Fine Art Nudes for me mean artfully executed images or images with an artistic expressive element. For me sculptural images fall in this category when correctly executed.

But the term is not all defining as images can be completely covered (implied) - or very revealing. I find the term 'nude-art' being used in a very imprecise way which dilutes the meaning. But if I were to define it I would say nude-ish images I could comfortably frame and hang on my wall at home, and not be embarrassed about when my family is visiting. All the followig categories by and large is encompassed in this category

Glamour clothed & Lingerie

Glamour style pictures contain mostly clothed pictures in lingerie, sheer underwear, bathing suits etc. Typical for mens magazines ("M", "Slitz" and similar) and can contain a bit of implied nudity or see-through lingerie. These images generally in my opinion is more 'sexy' as opposed to ‘sensual’. Lingerie generally has this effect I find.

I do shoot this type of images but it is very very rarely the only thing I do, but more often a small part of a more revealing shoot.