Here are some standard advice and list for stuff to remember for models prior to a shoot 

If you are here because we will soon be making history, be sure to agree to the terms of the model release in advance. Don't leave this to the last minute to discuss - always clear the terms in advance (TFP/Payment/Use).  Let's get started!

  • Arrive at the session on time. It is recommended to be there 10 minutes before the scheduled time. In case you do not purchase the package with makeup remember to be already made up as you have an allotted time.
  • If you purchased the makeup package bring your face clean, if it includes hair it does not have to be wet, preferably wash it in the evening the day before the session.
  • If for some reason you are unable to attend, notify the photographer immediately to minimize the damage. A photographer may have done some advance planning, preparation, or invested money by reserving a space to shoot and now will need to take care of those arrangements. It's unfortunate when shoots have to be cancelled, especially last minute, and it can make a great deal of difference for the photographer to know well in advance. 
  • If doing nude or lingerie shots make sure you wear loose fitting clothes at least a few hours before the shoot. Stay away from jeans, tight undergarments, and tight fitting jewelry. These things will leave clothing marks that take a long time too dissolve. The best outfit to wear pre shoot is a loose fitting dress. To be comfortable between shooting and changing of sets, bring a bathrobe or kimono. This helps keep you warm during winter and prevent your skin from becoming blotchy.
  • If shooting nude, make sure to set your limits in advance and communicate them to the photographer. The photographer's idea about what a nude shoot is may not be the same as yours. The session will be more relaxed if both the photographer and you know what makes you feel comfortable and how to pose for those limitations. It's YOU are in the picture so YOU have to define the limits.
  • If you are inexperienced, you will have assistance all the time, but it doesn't hurt to make sure you know beforehand how you want to pose. Take the time to train poses and facial expressions in front of a mirror. Look for magazines or photos on the internet, for example on tumblr/instagram, that mimic the posing style you are comfortable with, or you can also check the references at the end. Use these photos as inspiration.
  • If it's your first time and you're still nervous, contact models the photographer has worked with before and ask them about their experiences. Don't be afraid to ask a photographer if they have references and where. If you're still not sure, ask if it's okay to bring a friend (it's important that you feel comfortable and not shy with the person you choose to bring with you). As a last resort, your boyfriend or partner is an option. Even if your partner is okay with what you are doing, you may feel a little shy and, potentially, the photographer may also be affected. In either case, the quality of the image will suffer. If you decide to bring your partner, discuss with them beforehand what the proper etiquette would be for them as guests at the session. Your partner may be waiting in another room during the shoot.
  • THE DAY BEFORE THE SHOOT, GO TO BED EARLY AND DRINK WATER. Models who are hungover and tired or with bloodshot eyes mean you are unlikely to perform to the best of your ability. This would be a waste of time for all parties involved, as the aim of the shoot is to have the best of both parties' talent and ability. 
  • If you need to shave/wax do it as close to the shoot as possible (hair stubs rarely looks good in the pubic area), but with enough time for your skin to calm and ease the irritation. Also make sure to attend to eyebrows the day before. Don't forget to apply lotion and generally clean your skin in advance.
  • Pay attention to your nails and toenails. For lingerie or nude shots in black and white nail polish or fancy patterns will often look odd, but for glamour shots it could be great. Talk to the photographer beforehand about what you prefer. 
  • If you have not yet sent references of the photos you would like to have, don't waste your time, DO IT NOW!!, maybe the photographer has another idea of what you are looking for and it is not the same as yours.
  • Don't go to a tanning bed for two days prior to a shoot (your skin can have a strange color for up to 48 hours). Don't spraytan a week before. Personally I recommend not to use artificial tanning at all.
  • Don't starve yourself the day prior to a shoot to look thinner, you will need the energy, and besides Photoshop and good lighting can make you look your best. If you are worried about bloating, research foods that will help ease that but also keep you feeling full and have energy.
  • COVID-19, For your safety and ours, only the people who are going to be photographed can go, in case of being a single person, you can go with a maximum of one companion.

What can I bring?

IF IT'S ABOUT Boudoir or nude photography

  • Accessories. Here are some ideas: jewelry, scarves, books, flowers, bracelets. In general, large jewelry works well in the images.
  • Lingerie. (Anything you have that looks good).
  • Nylon stockings, fishnets, garter belt/stay-up.
  • Assorted clothing, usually anything you have that is dressy. But also think unconventional, a short jacket and a thong can be visually exciting.
  • Shoes, especially high heels.
  • If you need more help on what to wear, you can see more wardrobe ideas in the reference section.
  • Send photos to your photographer of what you are going to use, so he can take ideas.


  • Makeup, lip gloss, makeup remover, as long as you don't want makeup services and have your own personal makeup artist.
  • Lotion and coconut oil. Or massage oil or as a last resort baby oil.
  • Hair styling stuff, such as hairspray, braces, pins, bobby pins, etc.
  • curling/straightening iron.
  • If you prefer some music, bring an MP3 player or phone.
  • A bottle of water and some fruit/food. Usually on diamond and platinum sessions, the photographer will take care of this, but you should be able to fuel up, so bring something in any case. Possibly dark chocolate and almonds are also a good energy option that won't leave you bloated.
  • Kimono/Brobe to keep warm during breaks.


Enter the reference according to your chosen style, remember that this is only a help, if you have other ideas do not hesitate to share them.



Yes, as long as you consider that it has the necessary conditions to get your pictures.

Can two girls be in the photos, but separately? And three?

There would be no problem, the price would be the same, plus the additional price per person.
There is also no problem if you divide the price of the session between several of you.
However, you have to understand that I have to divide the time between those of you who go.

Do you edit the photos you deliver?

Yes, all the photos selected from your personalized gallery are edited (contrast, color, etc).
If you want to know if I "retouch" the bodies, yes and no: Sometimes I can give a little help, but you have to understand that everyone is the way they are, with their beautiful and less beautiful things, but they are particular to each one. If I retouched you too much, you wouldn't be the one in the photos.
I once removed a tattoo from a client with the help of photoshop, a name he didn't want to have on his body, so you can mention me any detail and I will take it into account.

Can photos be taken as a couple?

Of course they do, more and more couples are encouraged to do a photo shoot, in order to share and enjoy this experience together.
If you are Boudoir we will capture your love story with sensual and delicate photographs to show what you feel for each other.


If they are in bad taste, NO, I never take pictures that are in bad taste or that I don't feel identified with.

You think you don't have a great body and so it's not going to look good?

Everyone is the way they are, and it's great that they are.
What a bore if we were all the same. I assure you that there are photographic tricks and poses that are very flattering, even if you are not a sylph. The most important thing for a good photo is a great attitude.

What if you don't want to publish the photos on the internet?

No problem, it's your decision, don't forget to mention it.

Are you too embarrassed to show too much in the photos?

Don't worry, we can play with lights, with shadows, with silhouettes, showing and hiding parts of the body as we please.

Do the session now or leave it for later?

It's better not to procrastinate if you already have it figured out.
In the end if things are put off, it may take years or it may never get done, believe me. Better late than never.