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Princess Photography has gone through trends over the last couple of years. We have seen everything from dinosaurs chasing princess parties to awkward poses, unflattering angles, and bad lighting. We understand your dilemma right now. 

How do you ensure that you will get photos that look different from everything you have seen. 

How do you know that your photographer will make you look good?

How will you know that they will capture photos that tell a story and that you would be happy to put them on your wall? Even more important, how can you be sure that your photographer will make you look your best? 

As a New York Princess Photographer, we have the answer for you. Our goal is to ensure that your Princess photos capture your event day's gravity and emotion.

From stunning portraits to incredible moments between you and your loved ones.  We know the core foundations that make not only great photography, but also an incredible experience for you and your family.  Our goal is to make you look your best through expert posing, fashion-inspired lighting, and incredible storytelling. We created this cinematic photography style focused on you, your family, and the most important day of your life.

Welcome to Ruben Dario Zarate Photography

We have photographed quinceneras in different countries and told over 100 princess stories.

Throughout the years, we have documented the stories of over 100 princess.

Now we want to tell your story…

Our quinceanera photography is cinematic, meaning it focuses on movement, story, and quality lighting. We take great care to capture beautiful images from all parts of the day for our clients. Here is a gallery

of some of our portfolio images

Photo Gallery

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The photo shoot is our first opportunity to get to know you. We want to capture your personality and essence. We shoot at various locations and work with our princess to style the best scenes to create beautiful imagery.